Message Circle Fundraisers: Limited seats are available for 2 very special sessions with internationally respected psychic medium Kerrilynn Shellhorn in Brantford from 7-9 pm on May 27th and June 24th.  In a safe, friendly and protected environment, Kerrilynn will use her unique intuitive gifts to channel information, guidance, psychic impressions and messages from the other side. Tickets are $50 each to a maximum of 20 people.

Contact Joyce Hutson for details and to book at 

Check out these links of Kerrilynn on Rogers tv to see how she uses her gifts:


Emma, Micah and Lily are a Help A Child Smile family who have turned a hobby into a way to give back. They offer photography services in exchange for donations to childhood cancer related charities. Emma and Micah’s daughter Lily was diagnosed at 3 days old, and has now been cancer free for over 18 months. However, they understand the pain of what can feel like so much lost time. To help combat this, Emma and Micah want to capture the smiles you have today – because no matter what you’re going through, you are still a family.

They are offering active Help A Child Smile families a free 1 hour session, with a guarantee of 30 edited images at the destination of your choice.

For alumni families, a $50 donation to Help A Child Smile is suggested – however they are more than happy to work with whatever each family can afford. 

To book your shoot, please visit and fill out the form on the contact page.  For other examples of their work, please visit them on Instagram 



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