The Kettle Family

To all the dear people who make up HACS,

I have been delaying this “thank you” note for a couple of weeks simply because there are not words in my vocab or maybe even the whole English language to express the overwhelming feelings I have for HACS. The tremendous generosity of all the volunteers, sponsors and contributors that came together to provide this unbelievable week just takes my breath away and leaves goose bumps on my arms.

This trip was one of the happiest, stress-free vacations any family could possible imagine!  A HACS Alumni mother described how wonderful this trip was but I couldn’t  even begin to picture it. Right from the beginning with the limo ride to the hotel, the hotel, attraction tickets, car rentals, shuttle services & dinner theaters – everything was perfectly awesome!  We were treated like royalty!  I don’t know of any words that can express our gratitude.

We left our worries behind as we escaped into a truly magically adventure to reconnect as a family and celebrate life!  I say this because cancer has a way of tearing apart pieces of a family.  HACS and GKTW stitched us back together again and started us on our road to recovery as a family unit – stronger than ever with the knowledge we were not alone in our fight, nor ever will be alone. You guys were there for us from the very start of Donald’s 2-year battle.  Donald was doubly blessed that everyone in his entire family decided to come as well.

From the bottom of our hearts the family of Donald Kettle thanks you!  May God bless & keep you growing with more & more volunteers, sponsors & contributors!


The Kettle Family