The Humpartzoomian Family

Our family recently had the pleasure of staying at Give Kids the World Village and they did just that. We have only been home for a short time now and the kids cannot stop talking about everything they saw and did at the Village and Disney. We wish to thank everyone at the village for making our stay a memorable one we will cherish forever.

Tyson’s most memorable moment at the village was with Elmer the snoring tree. He has even asked that we make him a picture of Elmer for his bedroom so he can say goodnight to him because he misses him. Tyson also had the opportunity to visit Hollywood Studios and see his favourite cartoon characters Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater.

The smile that experience put on his face is a priceless memory we will have forever and that was all made possible thanks to Help a Child Smile and Give Kids the World. Our family cannot thank you enough for this experience. The time our family spent at the village allowed us to step away from our everyday life and live a dream come true. We were surrounded by caring, friendly people in a relaxing, fun and beautiful atmosphere with no worries. This place really does give kids the world and for this experience our family will be forever grateful to everyone who made it possible.

Thank-you from the Humpartzoomian family.