Pablo goes to Florida

Pablo was diagnosed with AML and for the family, it seemed like their world had come to an end. There didn’t appear to be any light at the end of the tunnel, but as he progressed with his treatment with favourable results, the families hope and faith was restored. Not only for Pablo, but for all the people around him that love him. The trip to Give Kids the World Village was deserved after such a long and difficult journey.

Florida was by far the trip of a lifetime for Pablo’s Family, who had never been to the United States nor been to such a place like the Give Kids the World village.

Pablo thought he may be a little too old for the village, however, it just seemed to bring out the kid in him. The family enjoyed the Disney Theme Parks – there was so much to see and do. Pablo’s favourite was Sea World and feeding the dolphins. The penguins were also a blast.

The family shared that “There was so much going on during our stay, from the staff and volunteers at the village who were sent from heaven, always accommodating, extremely friendly, we were all truly treated like royalty, to the trips to Disney, Kennedy space Centre, Sea World, and Universal studios, to just hanging out at the village after dinner and having ice cream at the ice cream parlor, going on the merry go round a few times, and at the end of the week we realized how much fun we had and how much we were going to miss it.”

The family also went on a couple of road trips:
Daytona Beach: Unfortunately it was a very windy day. The water and the sand blowing and getting into everything wasn’t as appealing they had hoped

Clearwater: It was the perfect day weather wise. The kids couldn’t get enough. The water was incredible. The people very friendly. The sand under foot was perfect.