Ceryne meets Mickey

Justice, Ceryne, Brodie, Grandma Barb and mom (Melanie) had a great time at Give Kids the World Village in Florida. The family was unable to find the words to express their gratitude, saying it was the best vacation they had ever been on. “Unbelievable” was how they described their time at the theme parks and within the Village itself.

“The children’s eyes when we got to give kids the world village was and still is priceless” and they couldn’t stop talking about their trip after arriving home.

Ceryne was diagnosed with Wilms tumour in October 2005 (he was 2 1/2 years old). It really was hard on this single mom with three children. Mom had to juggle her time between the hospital and home.

Mom wants to share that Ceryne is a cancer free happy 5 year old boy, an even happier boy now that he has met Mickey mouse!